Providing the same Cyber Solutions the Military Use

Obor Digital offers three levels of monitoring:
Level I Monitoring The Level I Monitoring service provides log collection, intrusion detection, threat intelligence and security information and event management (SIEM). Our experienced cyber security specialists interpret events and provide remediation recommendations.
Level II Monitoring The Level II Monitoring service encompasses all of the benefits of the Level I service, with the addition of compliance reporting, server/database log monitoring and remediation support.
Level III Monitoring The Level III monitoring service provides comprehensive monitoring from end-point to gateway, vulnerability testing and reporting and remediation support. Obor Digital’s cyber security specialists are an extension to an organization’s support team, working as a “trusted partner” in safeguarding business.

Did you know?

TV Technology Magazine

We were published in TV Technology Magazine in December 2017 discussing Cyber Security Needs for Broadcasters. See the entire article HERE.

Three Main Threats for Broadcasters

Three serious threats to broadcasters include:

  • Theft of Content
  • Terrorist Media Replacement
  • Social End-User Accidents
Common Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities can be from one or more of the following:

  • External Threats – whereby an entity exploits one of the holes to gain entrance.
  • Internal Threats – whereby the breach is on the actual network itself.
  • Malicious Threats – whereby an entity purposely compromises the network to create damage.
  • Accidental Threats – whereby someone, without realizing they are damaging or creating a hole, does so.