Penetration Testing

Providing the same Cyber Solutions the Military Use

Penetration Testing is an authorized attempt to exploit IT infrastructure.


  • Discover and address vulnerabilities before criminal activity occurs
  • Understand the level of exposure and business impact of security breaches
  • Reduce the impact and frequency of security incidents
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements requiring periodic security assessments

  • Features
    • Test against a wide range of attacks types, vulnerabilities & tactics
    • Identify devices, systems, applications and services that may be potential attack targets
    • Simulated test with real world tools and tactics
    • We use cutting edge tools and tactics (to keep up with those used in the hacker community)
    • We assess vulnerabilities using a variety of exploit techniques

Did you know?

TV Technology Magazine

We were published in TV Technology Magazine in December 2017 discussing Cyber Security Needs for Broadcasters. See the entire article HERE.

Three Main Threats for Broadcasters

Three serious threats to broadcasters include:

  • Theft of Content
  • Terrorist Media Replacement
  • Social End-User Accidents
Common Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities can be from one or more of the following:

  • External Threats – whereby an entity exploits one of the holes to gain entrance.
  • Internal Threats – whereby the breach is on the actual network itself.
  • Malicious Threats – whereby an entity purposely compromises the network to create damage.
  • Accidental Threats – whereby someone, without realizing they are damaging or creating a hole, does so.