Software Development

Software DevelopmentWhether you need two pieces of software to talk to each other, a mobile app, hardware talking to software, an entire enterprise build, or even SAP installation and integration projects, using our all US-based team, Obor has the experience to take your software project from concept, to completion and implementation. Obor’s 12 year existence was founded with software development, including our flagship Zeus, a 100% enterprise asset management software solution that is the leader in the US among broadcasters that include NBC, QVC, Discovery and Showtime just name a few. Think about that for a moment. Those large multibillion dollar companies trust our software to track their millions of dollars’ worth of equipment.  And huge television networks aren’t the only ones using Zeus. NATO Special Operations Headquarters also uses Zeus to track their assets.

The simple fact is we get software. We know how to design it, build it, test it and put it to work for you, getting the results you need. And behind the curtain, we are full-service experts at all facets of creating software that include: creating detailed business requirements, developing use-cases for both software developers and application testers, scheduling and project managing every detail of the software build, training and documentation, all to meet your deadlines for delivery and implementation.