“Zeus was created by broadcast engineers for broadcast engineers. It allows my staff and my clients to utilize a single application for all of Engineering’s workflow needs. The software is intuitive and well integrated, assuring that it will be utilized even by non-technical personnel. Even though Zeus has many valuable features, it is the support and growth of the product by Obor Digital that provides the most value to the application.”
~ Don Jarvis – VP of Engineering, A&E Networks

“We deal with software applications everyday. Since Zeus is 100 percent web-based, you don’t have to load anything on any computers. You just use it. When we get our upgrades, Obor does them for us on the server, and that’s it. The next time someone logs in, they see the cool new stuff. We’ve got 500+ employees using Zeus. Loading anything on their computer and maintaining it would be a nightmare and people wouldn’t use it, they wouldn’t update it, and we’d be right back to where we were before we had Zeus, which was NOT easy.”
Golf Channel
~ Bob Van Deering – Director of Transmission Operations, The Golf Channel

“I love Zeus. It is awesome. It’s so easy, we (Engineering) configure and maintain it, not IT. And the grouping functions are so smart that service requests go the group that’s responsible for the equipment. I don’t get requests for computer problems and IT doesn’t get requests for tape decks. We (IT and Engineering) do share responsibilities on some pieces of gear. Zeus allows us to both service that equipment and even route tickets back and forth between departments. We can see the history every step of the way. Since we installed Zeus, our technical operation runs very smoothly. It’s very cool.”
~ Jason Notermann – Assistant Chief Engineer, New England Sports Network (NESN)