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Obor's heritage Speaks Engineering, Training, Television, and Technology

Since 2002, the Obor Digital team has been committed to making corporate operations and technology-based facilities operate more efficiently, and making the lives better of those working there. Dependability, intuitiveness, and providing fully integrated products are the cornerstones of the company’s robust software solutions. Our mission is to provide high-quality personnel, training and intuitive software that is flexible and affordable, creating efficiencies, reducing operating costs and, most importantly, reducing downtime by increasing reliability and insight.

Through an exclusive web-based service desk and asset management software solution (Zeus) and unique software-based Training Solutions (Obor Digital Training), Obor is the single source for physical asset management and training needs. Zeus is an in-house developed cutting-edge 100 percent web-based software application.

Obor Digital has developed hundreds of training courses for the military, specifically to provide web-based training materials to instruct both military and non-military personnel to operate, maintain, and repair communications equipment. Obor has also developed a myriad of commercial training programs including software operations, hospitality, legalities of serving alcoholic beverages, sports (the perfect golf swing; Pilates), machine operations, safety, cleaning, software operations, IT courses, and television and network engineers.

Additionally, Obor Digital provides highly-qualified and highly-technical personnel for technical support, logistics, IT, training, and other similar specialties in and out of war zone operations.

The momentum continues today as Obor Digital paves the way in developing and providing solutions for government, broadcast and service-based organizations.

Did you know?

TV Technology Magazine

We were published in TV Technology Magazine in December 2017 discussing Cyber Security Needs for Broadcasters. See the entire article HERE.

Three Main Threats for Broadcasters

Three serious threats to broadcasters include:

  • Theft of Content
  • Terrorist Media Replacement
  • Social End-User Accidents
Common Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities can be from one or more of the following:

  • External Threats – whereby an entity exploits one of the holes to gain entrance.
  • Internal Threats – whereby the breach is on the actual network itself.
  • Malicious Threats – whereby an entity purposely compromises the network to create damage.
  • Accidental Threats – whereby someone, without realizing they are damaging or creating a hole, does so.